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We are a world class Mud Engineering, Drilling and Production chemicals supply company in Nigeria with specialized back up technical services.

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Sofluid Services Limited (SSL) is a 100% indigenous Nigerian company, both in ownership and staffing. The company is established and manned by a team of chemical engineers and business analysts’ with combined oil and gas industry experience of over 22 years. We guarantee the very best of optimized service delivery at all times, communicating with clients and client affiliates at all times to ensure top notch performance and satisfaction.

Mission Statement

To creatively develop, innovate, support and steward Drilling Optimization through technical infrastructure that delivers breakthrough solution in all business models.

Vision Statement

To be the most competent and trusted professional services firm that delivers success through Effective management systems, strategic execution improvement and business process efficiency for delivering excellent services to clients and client’s affiliates.

Core Values

Integrity: We endeavor to do it right regardless of the consequences.
Excellence: We continually strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations
Accountability: We take responsibility for individual and collective actions and report daily progress to clients.
Collaboration: We work together with competent partners to achieve collective and individual goals to make a lasting impact.
Passion: Passionate and committed professional personnel, our energy and enthusiasm are result oriented.


At Sofluid Services Limited, we understand that the establishment and maintenance of a satisfactory system of quality assurance and delivery of world class oilfield services to clients and client’s affiliates depends on well trained staff. For this reason, we make sure that there are sufficient qualified personnel to carry out all tasks with correct application of industry principles and methodologies. Individual responsibilities are clearly defined and understood by each personnel and are recorded for checks and balances, as such, all personnel are aware of the principles of good oilfield practices that affect them through our structured initial and continuing training/refreshers programme.


At Sofluids Services Limited, we offer a range of best-in-class services to our clients in the oil and gas industry, we deliever top-notch expertise in mud engineering, wireline/slickline services, Drilling/Production Laboratory services and maintenance, Hydrostatic (Hydro) Testing services, water treatment package and supply of drilling fluids and production chemicals. We also offer project management and consultancy services, as well as procurement and outsourcing for our clients. We take further steps and strategies to ensure that we add value to your operations, right from the oilfield all the way to the refineries.

Mud Engineering

Sofluid Services Limited understands the drilling needs and requirements of our clients' drilling operations, so we provide satisfactory mud systems, best and modern technologies and skilled personnel. This aids the elimination of downhole problems and delivery of projects within clients planned budget and specified time frame without compromising HSE, Industry standard and Quality.

Drilling Fluids

Sofluid Services Limited are experienced in the supply of drilling fluids and ancillary services for major operators. We take pride to have developed a drilling solution called 'SODRILL' that gives our client more resaivour production ouput than normal, this is an enhancement package that have been used in some wells and the result is amazing. We are known for providing high quality, trouble-free and cost-efficient services to our customers. Our drilling fluids have been used in some of the most challenging wells, delivering the unique and stand-out performance demanded by extended-reach, slim-hole and HPHT drilling operations.

Wireline/Slickline Services

Sofluid Services limited is competent in the delivery and execution of wireline and slickline services. We take pride in our personnel drawn from a pool of well experienced wireline engineers in the industry. We also boast of well-designed and highly advanced wireline tools and equipment, manufactured by a trusted USA based manufacturer.

Drilling/Production Laboratory Services

In SSL, we realize that production chemistry is a vital tool for oil and gas extraction. This is why we offer our clients a fully integrated drilling and production laboratory services. Our model of laboratory ranges from stand-alone laboratories to mobile laboratories. Our laboratories services includes but not limited to the following:

  • Chemical, biological and microbiological analysis.
  • Quality control and assurance test on our products and that of our clients.
  • Client’s laboratory set-up and management.
  • Provision of Laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables.
  • Sampling of production /drilling fluid for third party results confirmation.
  • Independent analyst for crude oil export analysis.
  • Pilot testing of products to know if they are compatible with the required Drilling Mud.
  • Measuring, testing, and supervising the running of fluid mixing.
When you need to be sure and accurate, think SOFLUID LABORATORY SERVICES.

Hydrostatic (Hydro) Testing Services

Sofluid Services Limited is sure to comply with the ASME B31.3 guide when ensuring strength and tightness of the pipe. We have in our pool of personnel, professional technicians to perform hydrostatic (Hydro) Testing, We have in-country all necessary equipment to successfully fill and test the lines and the compressors, dryers and pigs to dry the line, and also launchers and receivers.

Our Maintenance and Assessment Services includes; Above Ground Marker (AGM) Setting & Pig Tracking, Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) Surveys, Cathodic Protection (CP) Rectifiers, Cathodic Protection Coatings, Close Interval Surveys (CIS/CIPS), Combustible Gas Leak Survey, Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Survey, Electric Area Sweeping, Line Locating and One-Call Program Management, External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA), Hydro Testing on Pipelines, Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA), Leak Detection for Tubing Collars, Leak Detection on Buried Pipelines, Leak Detection on Process Equipment, Pipe Current Mapper (PCM), Stress Corrosion Cracking Direct Assessment (SCCDA), Test Station and Rectifier Repairs.

Our Service Record

Our stellar record speaks for itself. Satisfied clients keep returning for more business while spreading our goodwill to new clients. Take a look at the numbers.








Competent Hands


Sofluid Services Limited (SSL) retains a warehouse facility in her operational base with stocks of Drilling Fluids, Production Chemicals, and Laboratory Chemicals, we are known for providing high quality, trouble-free and cost-effective product and services to our clients and client’s affiliates. SSL Drilling and Production fluids have been used in some of the most challenging wells and flow lines, delivering state of the art performance demanded by extended-reach, slim-hole and HPHT drilling Operations. Our newly developed drilling chemical, called ‘SODRILL’ have been found to be a well optimization agent, with this technology, we guarantee more crude output at 50% more on all drilling /production campaign.

Production Chemicals

We supply chemicals for the oilfield and oil refineries. Our product catalog for production and oil refining chemicals include:

  1. Oilfield Chemicals
    • Demulsifiers
    • Anti-Freezing Agents
    • Pour Point Depressant (PPD)
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • Scales inhibitors
    • Hydrogen Sulfide scavengers
    • Viscosity modifiers
    • Paraffin dispersant
    • Antifoams
    • Scale dissolvers
    • Oxygen scavengers
    • Polyelectrolyte
    • Water clarifiers
    • Biocides

  2. Oil Refinery Chemicals
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • Demulsifiers
    • Prolcess Catalyst
    • Adsorbents

Drilling Fluids

We have in stock a comprehensive range of high-performance water- based and oil-based drilling fluids, which include:

  1. Drilling Fluid Systems
    • Water based mud
    • Eco friendly chemicals
    • Oil based mud

  2. Completion Fluids
    • Clear brine fluids
    • Completion Additives

  3. Drilling Fluids Production
    • Weighting materials
    • Viscosifiers
    • Filtration control additives
    • Dispersants and deflocculants
    • Shale stabilizers
    • Commercial products
    • Lubricants and surfactants
    • Bactericides, corrosion and scale inhibitors
    • Lost circulation materials
    • Oil based mud product
    • Drill-in fluid product (SODRILL)
    • Braker Solutions

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It is important to state that, at Sofluid Services Limited, we understanding that timely and professional management of project is the key factor to the success of every project. We also believe in treating all projects as a big project regardless of the value, size or project type. Maximum commitment is geared toward every project, especially for start-ups; starting with a good culture of effective project management could significantly contribute to the success of the company.

HSE Policy Statement

It is the policy of SSL to conduct its activities in a manner that ensures maximum safety of personnel, security of property and proper protection of the environment and to maintain good relationship with host communities. In the area of health, our company regulations promote a work place, which protects the health of its employees, those of sub-contractors and that of the members of host communities. Our safety policy emphasizes accidents prevention through proper education, investments to upgrading work environment, adequate publicity, personnel participation and merit awards for high safety standards.

In SSL, HSE Personnel, Line Managers and Supervisors shall;

  • Carry out periodic checks (assessment) of all operational area and environment to ensure compliance with operating standards.
  • Have training as integral part of programmes to enlighten and empower staff to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.
  • Uphold mandatory engineering standards and function within the guidelines stipulated by all its affiliate bodies on all safety and environmental issues.
  • Ensure that customers/clients/prevailing HSE statutory requirements will constitute minimum HSE standard for every project or activity we embark on.
  • Consistently promote good community relations by providing assistance (within the limit of our resources) to host community.
  • Communicate the policy to all persons working under their control to make them aware of their individual responsibilities.
  • Review the policy periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.

Quality Statement

One fact about life is that, whatever we wish to do, we should do it in a way that will not only satisfy us but also to receive acclaim from the next person. This satisfaction derived from what we do gives us a sense of fulfilment. Quality is what makes it happen. When we have imbibed it as a habit, to do things right at all times, it would be easier for us to cultivate it as a culture in our organisation. This culture will then uniquely position us to meet the needs of our customers. “Quality and You” has been developed to enhance our performance and to give us an edge in a competitive market. It describes simple tools and principles that will assist us to:

  • Serve our customers (internal and external) better
  • Reduce costs through the elimination of waste and improvement of our processes
  • Become a leader in the industry with superior service quality
  • Make life at work more satisfying and rewarding.
Management commitment towards making quality work in SOFLUID SERVICES Ltd is hereby affirmed. Let us therefore work together as a team to make it happen: it’s about Quality and You.

SOFLUID SERVICES LTD quality control policy is geared towards:

  • Ensuring that our engineering products and services comply with all relevant industrial codes and standards, statutory regulations and clients’ products specification.
  • Ensuring satisfactory construction results in line with clients’ design studies. This will entail application of appropriate engineering data for supplies, construction, assembling and inspection at every stage of works.
  • Ensuring full implementation of clients’ engineering data which shall satisfy the technical requirements laid down by the clients in terms of performance, reliability and HSES.
  • Establishing a system of quality control audit vis-à-vis non conformity data collation and statistic processing, with a view to reducing to the barest minimum, the frequency of non-conformity.


Sofluid Services Limited (SSL) is the leading indigenous Oil and Gas Company that specializes in Mud Engineering Services, Production Systems Services, Laboratory Services, Wireline/Slickline Services and Pipeline Hydrotesting and Preservation Services. With our high professionals working within the company with varied industry experience, in mud testing services and Production Services, we are sure to proffer standard prescription to Oil and Gas Challenges within our work scope. Our field engineers work closely with the rig superintendent to identify and share information about work process and properties and expected Solutions.


At Sofluid Services Limited, we believe in equal opportunity for all gender and race, and we are always on the lookout for skilled talent to join our growing workforce. If you feel you have what it takes to be the best hands on the job, kindly fill out the form below.


Let us make the difference in your business. Visit us at our offices in Port Harcourt or Lagos with the addresses stated below or call in via our 24/7 active phone numbers, and email address. You can also reach us on social platforms.

Port Harcourt Office:
Plot 35, Chief Nwuke street, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, (Mangrove Engineering Premises), Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.
Phone 1: +234 806 931 5209

Lagos Office:
23A Afolabi Lesi street, Ilupeju, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: +234 802 211 2000

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